Artist: Messer Chups
Album: Best Of The BEST
Format: 12 inch LP
Label: copaseDisques
Cat-no.: cdolp004
Price: not in stock!
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we are proud to present the very first vinyl release by our old friends from St. Petersburg/Russia. They already released 9 albums, but all on CD! The good guys from Copasetic compiled a collection with 15 of the best songs outta their 9 albums and pressed it on vinyl, packed it in a nice heavy cardboard sleeve to suit all collectors and fans.

And here's the selection:

Monstro Kreshendo
Oleg Gitarkin vs. Scotland Yard
Super Megera
Gangster They Called Horizonman
Dark Story
Coffin Mobil
Inferno Image

With An Alligator In Your Hand
Sentimental Doublebass
Chasing Young Blood
Swamp Cowboy
Sparkling Blood
Two Minutes To Massacre
Sex, Euro and Evils Pop

Here is the CD VERSION