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missHawaii is actually a Japanese male, who came from Hokkaido the most northern Japanese island, famous for its cold wintery rural climate, not so famous for electronic musicians. Living there has helped his music to develop independently from the influences of the urban Japanese music.

His latest CD 'Hotel New Hawaii' is the accumulation of 10 years musical experimentation, which saw him starting out at the age of 18 as a drummer in a hardcore band, then developing an interest in noise music playing alongside the likes of MERZBOW, AUBE and BOREDOMS. Finding new inspiration in electronic labels, he changed musical direction once again, teaming up with 19-t records and touring Japan.

MissHawaii's style has developed in parallel with the 19-t sound, seamlessly incorporating influences from his background, organically combining experimental electronics with more accessable melodies & pop influences.

In February 2005 he teamed up with Boredoms drummer E-da for some celebrated Gigs during the skug soundbridges festival in Austria.

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