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Being at the same time a lucid and a dreaming poet, Yvan&Lendl merges beautiful melodies in a music geniously harmonized with gabber and new-age. Guided by faith, together with the desire of creating in order to conciliate the human being with its own human nature, this author-composer-player puts his evergreen new-born glance on the world and offers to the music a new flavour and "joie de vivre".

For 10 years he gives his audience hours of music with his band Ionic South, leader combo of the local scene of his town. There he plays bass and synth, elaborating "end of the world" moods.

>From 4 years he creates a stimulating music on his computer, broadcasting it worldwilde from his internet site that he likes to call his multimedia laboratory.

Yvan&Lendl recently ended the recording of a compact disc "Untitled" which will be released by the french label Ego Twister.

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