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The solo project of Wojt3k Kucharczyk, born 1969, usually known as co-leader of molr drammaz and founder/head of mik.musik.!. label with a lot of titles released until today. Multi-instrumentalist and a graphic thesigner too.

His solo work as retro*sex*galaxy is characterized through the tension between his love for a humorous, almost satiric approach and some profound conceptual background. Sometimes is politically and socially infected.

His first release as retro*sex*galaxy in February 2000 was entirely based on a popular-science book on general Physics published in 1955 by the soviet author Perelman.

In his second release 'Dispop' he is dealing with interpretations of the worlds most famous dancing rhythms like Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Samba, Rhumba, Lullaby, Waltz... Third is about geography, fourth is about french chansons ... and so on so on.

"Entertaining physics/Physik macht spass" was reissued in spring 2003 on vinyl LP by gagarin records. Wojt3k is coollaborating also with Felix Kubin in "TerriTerrorTorium" project. They prepared radioplays for DeutschlandRadio (D) and ORF (AT) already .

Wojt3k also releases more intimate ideas under his own name and makes visual art exhibitions, installations etc.

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