Messer fuer Frau Mueller

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The sense of humor is the thing that had always been present in MESSER FUR FRAU MULLER s music. You do not need to know Russia to notice that, as the music itself is funny enough. It s a parody on the things that used to be parody themselves. They use whatever they find convenient - musicals, comedies, jazz bits and cat s mowing - as samples in their mostly instrumental compositions. The sound of MFFM is somewhat traditional, with a definite 60s feel in the sound of Oleg Gitarkin's guitar and Oleg Kostrov s keyboards. It is - "brand-new though retro". The mixture of styles does not seem eclectic, because MESSER had torn it all into such little pieces that what appears after they mix it up is absolutely new stuff. It kind of reminds of making a salad.

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