Groenland Orchester

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Groenland Orchester
Jyrgen Hall & Reznicek

After several compilation appearances (on Gagarin Records, Wachsender Prozess and Edition Stora) and performances at Battery Park Cologne and Berlin Atonal, a 12" EP and the first full-length CD "Trigger Happiness" by Hamburg's GROENLAND ORCHESTER were released on Staubgold in 1999.

Founded in 1998, the Groenland Orchester produces electronic pop music of a special quality, cleverly avoiding the aesthetic traps of common dance music. The duo's background in sound experimentation is obvious, but there's always room enough for simple and sweet melodies.

The orchestra's conductors are REZNICEK (aka Reznicek, Nova Huta) and Jyrgen Hall (aka Gunter Adler). Reznicek (programming, orchestration, electric guitar) is already well-known for his experimental solo releases (on Staubgold, Odd Size, Wachsender Prozess and Meeuw Muzak), for his collaborations with Klangkrieg and Felix Kubin and for his "Las Vegas Show" with artist and painter Mariola Brillowska. Jyrgen Hall (programming, transfer, bass guitar) is a specialist for psycho-acoustics and psycho-physics. He also releases solo works under the pseudonym of GUNTER ADLER.

The Groenland Orchester's first CD was released on Staubgold in October 1999. At the same time Jyrgen Hall released his first GUNTER ADLER CD on Staubgold titled "15 Electronic Pieces".


1. s/t 12" (Staubgold 7, 1999)
2. "Trigger Happiness" CD (Staubgold 10, 1999)
3. "Nurobic" CD (Staubgold 13, 2001)

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