Candie Hank

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Candie Hank ...

... how he calls himself was born in a giant funpark near the belgian border , his mother called him Gabba and his dad didn´t again after his birth so Candie had to take care of the hypnotic synthscapes his mother used to love so much in the background her Palmreading sessions.

Candie spent all his childhood in the admirable place called Worringen where the Birds and Bayer Chemie say good night to eachother and despite the pollution in the neighbourhood business was doing very well so Candie would buy more Oscillators, synthesizers and Noisecontrollers for the now higly sophisticated and stunning live performances.

At the age of 12 Computer electronics like the old Commodore 16 and later on the C64 moved into Candies separé and things started to become very wild back then.

Candie now being able to control a whole Oscillator Orchestra and little Toy music machines with a personal Home computer soon was the sensation in the little village and Candie spent more and more nights at celebrations they had in the towns nearby, sometimes there was a wedding where he played the old evergreens on his Twin tone machines, a funeral or a baptising...

No matter, people loved him and all the attention soon dragged the jealousy of his mother on him. Finally he got kicked out of the fun park because he was too busy thinking his own thoughts and all his mother gave him on his way was a tube of hair gel with the advice to spend it wisely.

Moving from city to city and town to town and learning more about music and entertainment he got involved with Gabba, Breakbeats and Gypsie Polka music of the eastern regions.

Travelling New York, he bumped into Hanayo on a night with Merzbow, EC8OR and Paska - tied her up in his studio with his compagnion Toecutter from System Corrupt Australia and let her sing ´les sucettes´ from France Gall and Serge Gainsbourgh. The result was the first released Candie Hank song on Hanayo´s ´Gift´ LP (Geist/Dhr).

It happened that he made the first Candie Hank Album on Gagarin Records THE output for obscure and mental musical waves and songs. Felix Kubin and Candie know eachother since quite a while, even before he put hands on the Max Turners ´Matchbox´ song(Gagarin2006)

Candie was signed on to the ’Syndikat für Gegenlärm¹ and Hank was very busy travelling Australia, France and Russia, his bags are filled with new Dats and his fistful of sweets shakes of a brand new release on the french label Wwilko. (

Brandy Cramps adds the cream to Candies Karma Sutra of Sample technology. Highspeed sweepswing, funkmaster Flex Busterman now coming Hand in Hand with drilling but beautiful melodies and pornoir like Terrortango. One brainwash hunts the other!

Some songs are played by Candie Hanks artificial and completely illusioned Brass Orchestra and his pick pocket skills sure come handy if it comes down to snatch samples and toymachines from all over the globe.

After the Wwilko Album released in France there will be released his first Russian release on the ´Messer Chups´Label ´Solnze´. There is much more material going to be released soon and a whole bunch of songs is Candies ´live only´ material, it sounds different on every show and it doesn´t work to record those in a studio.

In matter effect what you should do now is to book your Candie Hank performance through Planet Rock and you´ll find out more about candies twisted swing, ska and Breakcoredisco.

Hanks God it's Candie!

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